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All major hospitals, prisons and third level educational institutions in the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough will normally have a Church of Ireland Chaplain accredited to it. Sometimes they will have a full time chaplaincy, in other cases, the chaplaincy service will be provided by a local clergyman/woman or a specially trained lay person.

Many schools and institutions devoted to the care of the elderly, particularly those under Church of Ireland or Protestant management will also have Church of Ireland Chaplaincies. Even some large companies have a Church of Ireland Chaplain! Finally, there is a Diocesan Chaplain to the International Community who works to develop links with Dublin’s growing immigrant population.

The following list is not intended to be exhaustive. If you require the services of a Church of Ireland chaplain and the relevant institution is not listed here, the authorities at the institution should be able to provide you with contact details. Alternatively, you should feel free to contact the Diocesan Communications Officer at who should be able to provide you with details of the chaplaincy.

Also included in this list are the academic staff of the Church of Ireland Theological Institute which is situated in the Diocesses.

Chaplaincy to the International Community

Diocesan Chaplain to the International Community

The Revd Obinna Ulogwara, Diocesan Chaplain


Adelaide and Meath Hospital (Incorporating the National Children’s Hospital), Tallaght

The Revd Mark Wilson, Chaplain

The Revd Terri Alcock, Assistant Chaplain

Beaumont Hospital

Mrs Désirée Prole, Lay Chaplain

Blackrock Clinic

The Revd Gillian Wharton, Chaplain

Central Mental Hospital

Taney Parish Clergy

James Connolly Memorial Hospital, Blanchardstown

The Revd Paul Houston, Chaplain

Mater Misericordiae Hospital

The Revd Revd Obinna Ulogwara

Mount Carmel Hospital

Revd Stephen Farrell

National Rehabilitation Centre, Rochestown Avenue

Kill o the Grange Parish Rector

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

The Revd Adrienne Galligan, Chaplain

St James’s Hospital

The Venerable David Pierpoint, Chaplain

The Revd David MacDonnell, Assistant Chaplain

St Patrick’s Hospital, James’s Street

The Very Revd Victor Stacey, Chaplain

St Vincent’s Hospital

The Revd Ted Ardis, Chaplain

Temple Street Children’s Hospital

The Revd Obinna Ulogwara, Chaplain


Arbour Hill Prison

The Revd Craig Cooney (CORE)

Mountjoy Prison

None at present

Wheatfield Prison

The Revd Alan Rufli, Chaplain

Third Level Educational Institutions

Dublin City University

Philip McKinley

T: 00353 1 700 5977 M: 00353 87 115 8338

Twitter: @DCUInterfaith FB: DCU Chaplaincy Snapchat: @DCU ChaplaincyChaplaincy Website:

Dublin Institute of Technology

Chaplaincy Team Leader

The Revd Rob Jones


University College Dublin

Scott Evans

Phone: 01 716 3127

Email: Twitter:  @notscottevans Blog: Facebook:

University of Dublin (Trinity College)

The Revd Steve Brunn Dean of Residence & Anglican Chaplain Trinity College Dublin

083 4867775


Church of Ireland Theological Institute (Academic Staff)

Director: The Revd Dr Maurice Elliot

Lecturer in Anglicanism and Liturgy: Canon Patrick Comerford

Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Hermeneutics: Dr Katie Heffelfinger

Lecturer in Missiology: Revd Patrick McGlinchey

Part–time Mth Internship Coordinator: Revd Ted Woods

Burser: Lynda Levis

Director’s Secretary: Daphne Metcalfe


The King’s Hospital

The Revd Peter Campion, Chaplain

St Columba’s College

The Revd Daniel Owen, Chaplain

East Glendalough School

The Revd Shiela Zietsman, Chaplain

Institutions Working for Care of the Elderly

Brabazon House

The Revd Harry Lew, Chaplain

Gascoigne Home

The Revd William Heney, Chaplain

Glebe House, Kilternan

The Revd Canon David Moynan, Chaplain

Mageough Home

The Revd Robert Kingston, Chaplain

Molyneux Home

The Revd Andrew McCroskery, Chaplain

St John’s House of Rest

Mrs Joan Kirk, Lay Chaplain

St Mary’s Home

The Revd Andrew McCroskery, Chaplain

Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross

The Revd Canon Neil McEndoo, Chaplain


An Garda Siochana

The Venerable David Pierpoint, Chaplain

The Docklands Project (Business Development Chaplaincy)

None at present