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Press Releases / St Catherine’s Church Begins New Chapter With Arrival of the Revd Eoghan Heaslip

Introduction of the Revd Eoghan HeaslipThe Revd Eoghan Heaslip, his wife Becky and their three daughters received a warm and enthusiastic welcome to St Catherine’s Church, Thomas Street, on Sunday evening (January 29). Eoghan was introduced as the new Minister in Charge of the church by Archbishop Michael Jackson.

A large congregation was in attendance and introducing the service, the Archbishop described St Catherine’s of a beacon of openness and welcome in the heart of the city. He said that while they celebrated the arrival of longstanding friend, Eoghan, they also celebrated the presentation of Jesus at the temple by Mary and Joseph.

The preacher, the Revd Dr William Olhausen, took the theme of Candlemas. He suggested that there was a manifesto for the church in the story of the presentation of Christ in the temple as told in Luke’s Gospel.

He said that Luke gave great prominence to the role of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit animated Simeon and guided him to the divine appointment in which he held the infant Jesus and prophesied over him, Dr Olhausen said.

“Luke‘s entire narrative around the events of Jesus’ birth is punctuated with references to the Holy Spirit and in this passage too, it is as if the Holy Spirit is the invisible director of the divine drama here in the temple. How our churches need the ‘resting on’ Spirit, how we need the revelatory Spirit, and how we need the guiding Spirit.  In fact, we need people like Simeon: righteous, devout and longing for the consolation of Dublin. 

Introduction of the Revd Eoghan Heaslip“To put this into slightly different language – we need people who know and love the Lord, who are willing to spend time with the Lord and who long to see God’s purposes for our communities and nations fulfilled. Simeon was very different to many of us. We can so easily be anxious about our own security, our own plans and our own identities. Simeon, by contrast, was God focused. As a result Simeon was able to help us see God’s purposes in Jesus. I believe Eoghan has something of Simeon about him – and not just the beard.  Eoghan has a big heart for St Catherine’s, he has a big heart for Dublin and, most importantly, he has a big heart for God,” he stated.

Dr Olhausen also observed that Luke accorded dignity to the role of women in the Gospel. Anna had devoted herself to temple worship – 24/7 prayer. When she saw Jesus she ‘began to praise God and to speak about the child to all who were looking for the redemption of Jerusalem’ [Luke 2:38]. He said that Anna ministered at a time of crisis in Jerusalem and suggested that we too are living in times of crisis. “We live on the other side of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  But the response required of God’s people remains the same – we need to be people of godly protest.  And our primary weapons of protest are prayer, fasting and prophesy,” he explained.

Dr Olhausen suggested the manifesto for the church from the story of the presentation could be based on a number of items. Firstly, Luke’s eye for detail as a story teller – we need people in our churches who care about detail and have a passion for excellence in organisation. Secondly, we need people like Simeon and Anna who are filled with the Holy Spirit to partner with God in building his kingdom. Third, we need people of the Spirit who will help us all to see Jesus. Fourth, we need a church prepared for times of conflict. Fifth we need a church in which the dignity of all people is respected. And finally, we need a protesting church characterised not by despair, fear and invective but characterised by prayer, fasting and prophecy as the appropriate response to crisis.

Photo captions:

Top – Lara Sheridan, the Revd Stephen Farrell, Archbishop Michael Jackson, The Revd Eoghan Heaslip, the Revd Dr William Olhausen, the Very Revd William Morton, David Ritchie and Sharan Kelly. 

Bottom – Eoghan and Becky Heaslip and their daughters.

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Category: Press Releases
Posted: Tuesday 31st January 2017
Added By: Lynn Glanville

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