United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough

Online Worship Opportunities in Dublin & Glendalough.


1st May – 30th Nov

Online Worship

Join us in Dublin & Glendalough for daily and weekly services online.

A large number of churches in Dublin & Glendalough have now reopened for public worship, while adhering to Government guidelines and exercising the necessary precautions.

Many parishes recognise that people may still wish to access church services online, for a myriad of reasons. So online church services continue to be offered. Some parishes are livestreaming their services, some offer recordings of a service that took place earlier in the day, and some are producing specially pre–recorded services or acts of worship. Most are available to watch at any point, not just at the time of the church service.

A directory of these services is available below. Scroll through to find your parish, or the service you wish to watch. Services are available from Arklow to Zion – enter full screen if you feel you are not seeing the full list on your device (hover over the table then click on the three dots and select the icon that looks like a screen). On a mobile device click on the text below the table (Online worship opportunities in Dublin & Glendalough).

Thanks to the clergy of the dioceses and their assistants for making online worship possible.

We are aware that some people may not be confident online or have access to broadband. If you know someone who would like to watch a service this weekend, copy the link of the individual service and send it to them as a text message or WhatsApp. Once they have a smartphone they will be able to watch on their phones.



Online Worship Opportunities in Dublin & Glendalough


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