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14th Feb – 31st Mar

40X40: Can you spare €1 a Day in Lent?

Shine a Light for Al Ahli Hospital, Diocese of Jerusalem.
40X40: Can you spare €1 a Day in Lent? - Shine a Light for Al Ahli Hospital, Diocese of Jerusalem.

Can you spare €1 a Day in Lent 2024? This is the question we are asking as we launch our Lent campaign for our Shine a Light for Al Ahli Hospital 40X40 appeal today (Ash Wednesday). We are over half way to reaching our goal of €250,000 for the Diocese of Jerusalem’s Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza City. Now we are asking the communities of every parish, school and organisation in Dublin and Glendalough and beyond to get behind our campaign to help us reach our final target.

We have launched a GoFundMe campaign – or scan the QR code – and we ask that you share this link to raise awareness. We have also created resources if you want to hold an event or create your own collection box at home. At the request of the Diocese of Jerusalem, the funds will go to repair or replace the solar panels at Al Ahli Hospital, towards the repair of its cancer unit, and towards funding vital trauma care for children.

Appeal History

Lent 2024 sees the second phase of our Shine a Light for the Diocese of Jerusalem campaign. Since launching the appeal shortly after the outbreak of the current war in October 2023, your generosity has helped us raise over €125,000 – half way to reaching our €250,000 goal.

Following consultation with our partners in the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem, our fundraising efforts are focused on three areas. First, the solar panels the dioceses provided almost 10 years ago are now down to approximately 40% capacity so we plan to repair or replace them as needed. These ensure a continuity of energy supply which enables the hospital to continue when there is no electricity.

Secondly, before the war the Diocese of Jerusalem was planning to expand its cancer centre at the hospital. The centre, as with the majority of hospitals in Gaza, has been damaged in the war and we will contribute to its repair.

Thirdly, the diocese was poised to locate an outreach operation of its rehabilitation facility, the Princess Basma Centre in the Mount of Olives, in Al Ahli Hospital just as the war started. The treatment and rehabilitation of children, both physically and psychologically, will be essential and will require substantial investment. Funds put aside by the diocese for this purpose will now need to be enhanced by donations, given the huge increase in need expected.

Our appeal is non–political. It is based on our longstanding link with our fellow Anglicans in the Diocese of Jerusalem who run Al Ahli Hospital for all, regardless of faith, ethnicity or background. Our link began in 2014 when the dioceses raised over €120,000 to provide solar panels and on–call facilities for staff at the hospital. Through our link we also seek to create and maintain bonds of friendship and solidarity between the people and clergy of both dioceses.

Message from Archbishop Michael Jackson

Archbishop Michael Jackson is encouraging everyone to get involved in some way, either by putting aside €1 a day during Lent, making a one off donation, or organising a fundraising event.

“In a short time, your generosity has seen us raise €125,000. This is a brilliant result and shows that we are well on the way to our target set at the outset of €250,000. Well done and thank you to everyone who has given so generously. From the beginning, we have always said: No donation is too small. In less than two months, we have found that all donations mount up significantly. Again: Congratulations to everyone,” he commented.

“The war continues. Children, women and men continue to die. The human and the humanitarian need continues to escalate daily. Further response by us is now called for. I seek your co–operation in this in a campaign which tangibly and visibly links our two dioceses around need and response. We feel that there is great connectivity between the aims of our fundraising appeal and our own situation: solar energy; cancer care; children’s trauma,” the Archbishop added.

A Go Fund Me campaign has been started online for those who want to make a donation that way. You can donate by scanning the QR code or going to this link:

We have prepared labels which can be downloaded and printed for jars or boxes into which you can put your €1 per day during Lent. These are available on the diocesan website below along with posters if needed.

You can continue to transfer your donations in the traditional way by electronic transfer to: Diocesan Funds of Dublin and Glendalough No 1 A/C Current Account, Bank of Ireland, 2 COLLEGE GREEN DUBLIN 2 IBAN: IE50 BOFI 9000 1769 3548 78, BIC: BOFIIE2D. Cheques may be sent to Diocesan Offices of Dublin and Glendalough, Church of Ireland House, Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6, D06 CF67.

To create your own collection box for your €1 a day you can download a label to print here.


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