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Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral is the Mother Church of the United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough. It has been a place of worship for almost 1,000 years. Founded c1028 by the Norse King, Sitriuc Silkenbeard, it is the spiritual heart of the city. The cathedral is primarily a place of worship but it also welcomes thousands of tourists through its doors every year.

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin enjoys an enviable reputation as one of Ireland’s finest choirs. The education department has devised a wide range of tours with a wealth of information suitable for all ages. The cathedral also offers an extensive spirituality programme. 

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Weekly Services

Monday–Friday, 10.00 am: Morning Prayer Monday–Saturday, 12.00 pm: Peace Prayers Monday–Friday, 12.45 pm: Eucharist

Monday and Friday, 5.00 pm: Said Evening Prayer Tuesday, 6.00 pm: Compline, sung by a consort of Cathedral Lay Vicars Choral (during term time) Wednesday, 6.00 pm: Choral Evensong, sung by the Girl Choristers (during term time) Thursday, 6.00 pm: Choral Evensong, sung by the Cathedral Choir (during term time) Saturday, 6.00 pm: Compline, sung by a consort of Cathedral Lay Vicars Choral (during term time)

Sunday, 11.00 am: Choral Eucharist, sung by the Cathedral Choir Sunday, 3.30 pm: Choral Evensong, sung by the Cathedral Choir (during term time)

Full details of festival and special services can be found on the cathedral’s website. 

The Dean and The Chapter of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, Dublin.

Dean: Very Rev. D.P.M. Dunne (2008)
Precentor: Rev. R.H. Byrne (2017)
Chancellor: Rev. D.S.  Mungavin (2015)
Treasurer: Rev. R.W. Deane (2014)
Archdeacon of Dublin: Ven. D.A. Pierpoint (2004)
Archdeacon of Glendalough: Ven. R.B. Rountree (2009)


Prebendary of St Michael’s: Rev. F.C. Applebe (2002)
Prebendary of St Michan’s: Rev. G.W. Butler (2003)
Prebendary of St John’s: Rev. F.R. Heaney (2005)

Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough


Rev. M.D. Gardner (2008)
Rev. A.A. Shine (2010)
Rev. R.H. Byrne (2012)
Rev. W.R.H. Deverell (2014)
Rev. N.J.W. Sherwood (2014)
Rev. D.I. Gillespie (2014)
Rev. M.J. Elliott (2015)
Rev. A. Galligan (2015)

Rev. S. Gyles



Dean’s Vicar

Rev. Abigail Sines

Non–Stipdendary Minister

Rev. R. Lawson (N.S.M.)

Honorary Clerical Vicars

Rev. G.V. Wharton (1996)
Rev. J.R. Bartlett (2001)
Rev. W.J. Marshall (2002)
Rev. E. Dunne (2006)
Rev. A. McCroskery (2009) 

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