United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough



Board of Education

There are a total of 47 schools in the United Dioceses – 33 in Dublin and 14 in Glendalough.

Board of Education
Board of Education

The work of the Board is essential to the advancement of the education of our children in schools under Church of Ireland management. The Board’s work includes:

  • Arrange training courses and seminars for teachers and Boards of Management particularly having regard to the obligations and responsibilities imposed by legislation.
  • Arrange church services for pupils of Primary Schools
  • Allocate grants to primary schools in particular circumstances.
  • Allocate grants to students at second level.
  • Make grants to students undertaking the Professional Master of Education who are willing to undertake the teaching of religious education in secondary schools.
  • Ensure that properties vested in the Board are managed appropriately.


Secretary: Christine Richardson
c/o The Diocesan Office


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