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Church Music Dublin

Giving worship a vibrant voice through music


Church Music Dublin was established by the diocesan councils in 1990. Our vision is to see music placed at the heart of worship in every parish church. We seek to encourage and resource each parish musician to achieve personal and professional fulfilment. We aim to impart the value of our worship heritage and to enhance it by equipping musicians and clergy with an awareness of contemporary resources.

Church Music Dublin
Church Music Dublin

Church Music Dublin Programmes

A wide–ranging programme of training and information includes a three–year course leading to the Archbishop of Dublin’s Certificate in Church Music (ACCM) and a one–year Foundation Course in Church Music. There are 21 web–based training videos and a magazine. Living Worship, an annual series of seminars, is a forum for open discussion about liturgy and music in parish churches. The website provides practical information and guidance for parish church musicians; advice on employment and remuneration; a link to the newsletter/ magazine Soundboard, now published as an e–zine; and much more.


The Revd Jack Kinkead (Chair), Jacqueline Mullen (Secretary), David
McConnell (Treasurer), Judy Cameron, Philip Good,  Donald Maxwell, David
O’Shea, James Pasley, Raymond Russell, Valerie Twomey.



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