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Young Adults Ministry

Mission to 18–35year olds: An initiative to form, innovate, grow, train, serve, network and build community and ownership of faith and mission among 18 to 35 year olds. We represent a unique opportunity to convene, unite and distribute leaders with a common vision into every channel of culture.

Paradoxology at Electric Picnic
Paradoxology at Electric Picnic

Coordinated by Young Adults Officer, Greg Fromholz, the Dublin & Glendalough Young Adults Ministry aims to animate a national and ecumenical network of “New Influencers”.

It also plans and coordinates events with university students in partnership with the team of university chaplains, serving the University’s needs in Christian Unions, but beyond that in discipleship and training.

The ministry aims to raise up, develop, train and mentor key leaders and develop national evangelistic and missional initiatives such as the Foundation for Leadership Programme, NUA Films Series, RevoLectionary Podcast and Paradoxology – a sacred space at Electric Picnic.

On an ongoing basis, the Young Adults Ministry is involved in partnerships to present sung worship concerts and gatherings in mainstream venues in Dublin and continues to strive to find new ways of enhancing young adults’ spirituality and bringing ‘church’ to where they gather.

Through involvement in initiatives such as Rubicon – http://www.wearerubicon.com/ – and the Graveyard Shift podcast –www.facebook.com/thegraveyardshiftireland/ and Twitter at: @gyardshift  – the Young Adults Ministry seeks to engage with young adults and facilitate discussion of faith issues. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram @DGYoungAdults.

Young Adults Coordinator: Greg Fromholz


D & G Young Adults

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