United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough



The Archdeacon of Dublin responds to the Archbishop's announcement of his intention to retire

The Archdeacon of Dublin, the Venerable David Pierpoint, responds to the Archbishop's announcement of his intention to retire;

“Since 2002, the Archbishop has represented the clergy and people of the Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough with commitment and energy and I would like on their behalf to express my sincere thanks to him for this.

“In those eight years, he has spoken articulately on issues ranging from immigration to health and he has challenged Churches, Governments and people alike, to frame their responses in accordance with best Christian values. In particular, he has been forthright and outspoken in defence of the role of minorities in education and in his call for a new vision for education in the 21st century. I fully anticipate that he will continue to participate in this vital debate in the weeks and months ahead.

“He also shares with other Church leaders’ great credit for the excellent ecumenical relations in the diocese. In particular, the close friendship that he enjoys with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin is closely mirrored at parish level and the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic dioceses of Dublin now work closely and naturally together in many endeavours.

“I know how much the clergy of these united dioceses and throughout the whole Church of Ireland appreciate his support, counsel and friendship.  Indeed, many clergy and laity seeking to undertake new and creative models of ministry and outreach have found the Archbishop willing, sympathetic and encouraging.

“On a more personal level, I have found Archbishop Neill to be a wonderful mentor and support and I know the other archdeacons and deans with whom he has worked closely would echo such sentiments. For me, during these past six years as archdeacon, it has been a privilege to work alongside such a distinguished, learned and highly respected Archbishop.  Both he and his wife Betty have become friends to many both within and outside church circles and not least to the senior staff of the dioceses and our respective wives and I thank them both for such friendship.  

“We all, clergy and laity alike, look forward to working with him for the remainder of his term as our Archbishop and to expressing our thanks to him, publicly and privately, for a record of achievement that will stand the test of time. We wish him and Betty good health to enjoy many happy years of well earned retirement.”

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