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Board of Education (RoI) Submission on the Review of Small Schools in the Republic of Ireland

The Church of Ireland Board of Education (RoI) has made a submission to the Steering Committee for the Review of Small Schools indicating that it is greatly concerned about the potential impact that the review could have on Church of Ireland schools, particularly in rural communities, with up to 40% of Church of Ireland schools falling within the category under review.

In its submission, the Board, joined by the Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of Ireland, emphasised the vital importance that Church of Ireland Primary Schools play in the life of parents, children and local communities. The Board highlighted to the Steering Committee that as recently as 2006 the document ‘Expenditure Review of the Small and Rural Schools Initiative and Permanent Accommodation Initiative’ indicated that government policy specifically supported the work of small schools across the Republic of Ireland.

The Board has offered to meet with and make an oral presentation to the Steering Committee to indicate the seriousness with which it views its work and the implications the review may have for these primary schools.

The full submission is now available for people to see on the Church of Ireland website:

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