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Looking at Shakespeare on his 400th anniversary

Today (Saturday) marks the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare on 23 April 1616. Canon Patrick Comerford, who writes a monthly column in the diocesan magazine, the Church Review, looks at Shakespeare’s interesting Irish connections in his contribution this month.


Professor Comerford, who lectures in Anglicanism, Liturgy and Church History in the Church of Ireland Theological Institute, gives particular attention to Irish characters in Shakespeare’s plays, his use of Irish phrases and colloquialisms, and his supposed links with Dalkey, Co Dublin, through his friend the composer John Dowland.  

This interesting feature on the Bard and Ireland is also available at: http://www.patrickcomerford.com/2016/04/england-and-world-celebrate-shakespeare.html

Photo caption: Sarah Purser’s mosaic of John Dowden in Sorrento Park in Dalkey builds on the legend that William Shakespeare once visited Dalkey (Photograph: Patrick Comerford).

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