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Parishioners Urged to Help Plot Historic Trail of Dublin and Glendalough

A new trail of Dublin and Glendalough’s historic objects and places is being compiled to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the unification of the dioceses. ‘A History Trail of the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough’ will highlight objects, artefacts and stories from parishes throughout the United Dioceses and they will be nominated by the parishioners and clergy of the dioceses. Together they will highlight the vibrant tapestry of the wonderful and beautiful objects and places of interest that make up Dublin and Glendalough.

History Trail of Dublin and Glendalough
History Trail of Dublin and Glendalough

Every parish in the dioceses has a story to tell, whether it be a person from history buried in the graveyard, an ancient font or high cross or beautiful stained glass window. Now is the time for them all to shine.

The top nominations will be compiled into an image based trail of objects of historical significance which will traverse the dioceses from rural to urban. The downloadable booklet will consist of a series of images of the objects and places of interest and an illustrated map to show where they can be found.

The booklet will be designed by award winning illustrator, Mark Wickham. It will be made available to download from the diocesan website. 

So get nominating – we would love to hear from every parish in Dublin and Glendalough. Look for the hidden gems or well known historical points of interest and stories from the past in your parish and send the information to: dublinandglendalough800@gmail.com. The closing date for nominations is September 20 2016.

Photo shows one of the ancient High Crosses at St James’s Church in Castledermot, the Catherine O’Brien window depicting St Margaret in St Bartholomew’s Church in Dublin 4 and the Knightly Effigy at St John’s Church in Ballymore Eustace. These are just examples of the many objects of interest in Dublin and Glendalough.

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