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Come&C 5 Marks Challenge Launched Across Dublin and Glendalough

The Come&C 5 Marks Challenge was officially launched in parishes throughout Dublin and Glendalough yesterday (Sunday September 18). The day was designated Come&Celebrate Sunday by Archbishop Michael Jackson and many parishes based their worship on an order of service specially designed to celebrate aspects of Christian witness as Anglicans.

5 Marks Challenge Logo
5 Marks Challenge Logo

The Come&C 5 Marks Challenge is a discipleship programme based on individuals completing activities or ‘challenges’ relating to one or more of the Five Marks of Mission of the Anglican Communion. It open to all and is designed to affirm different discipleship activities with the dioceses and to encourage deeper reflection on discipleship.

The 5 Marks Challenge is based on the idea of recipients being engaged in some form of discipleship, but more importantly, reflecting on that experience in the light of God’s call to us to ‘Come and See’ and to ‘Follow Me’. The criteria for each award includes a strong emphasis on reflection.

The award for each challenge is in the form of a different coloured ribbon and a certificate. The Blue Challenge relates to the first Mark of Mission – To Proclaim God’s Kingdom (Tell). The Yellow Challenge is for the second Mark of Mission – To Teach, Baptise and Nurture (Teach). The Red Challenge is To Respond to Human Need (Tend). The Purple Challenge is To Transform Unjust Structures (Transform). The final Green Challenge is To Safeguard Creation (Treasure).

The guidelines for participation in the Come&C 5 Marks Challenge can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE. If you would like to take the challenge email Caoimhe Leppard at

Eleven participants from five parishes (Raheny and Coolock, Rathfarnham, Holy Trinity Rathmines, Clontarf, Tullow and Kill O’ the Grange) have been involved in a pilot programme and were awarded the ribbon relating to their particular mark at a Service in Christ Church Cathedral. A short video has been made documenting of some of their experiences. It was shown during church services yesterday and you can watch it at:

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