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God’s Heart for Migrants – BACI Launch 2017 Lent Bible Study

God’s Heart for Migrants – Biblical Wisdom for a World in Turmoil, the Bibical Association for the Church of Ireland’s seventh Bible Study resource, will be launched on January 24 by the Archbishop of Dublin. The study has been produced for BACI by Dr David Shepherd of TCD (and formerly of Belfast Bible College) and involves five Bible studies focusing on migration.

God's Heart for Migrants
God's Heart for Migrants

Issues associated with immigration and refugees are hardly out of the headlines at the moment. “While these problems are complex and Christians need to look in a variety of directions for answers, one crucial source of wisdom for a world in the turmoil of migration is the Scriptures, and especially that part of the Scriptures in which some of us spend less time: the Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible,” the introduction to the study states.

The five Bible Studies are designed to aid reflection on the lessons offered today by the migration experiences of the Jewish people: from Abram on – to Canaan, Egypt and back, through the Exodus experience and the giving of the Law, to Ruth the Moabite and the challenges that faced her, and on again through the Babylonian exile to consider the perceived status of “pilgrims and sojourners here on earth” common to Jews and Gentiles alike in the early Church.

The study booklet will be formally launched by Archbishop Michael Jackson at 12.45 pm on Tuesday January 24 at Church House, Rathmines, and copies of the studies will be available to buy on the day.


Copies will be available from Christ Church Cathedral and St Patrick’s Cathedrals in Dublin and further stockists may be advised by BACI hon treasurer and distribution manager, Barbara Bergin ( The copies will cost €2.50, with a10% reduction offered to who buy and take delivery of their copies at Church House on January 24. This will also avoid postage costs. Copies will also be available to download for free from the BACI website <>


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