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Church of Ireland Church and Society Commission (CASC): Expressions of Interest Sought

The current membership of the Church and Society Commission (CASC) reaches the end of its term in June 2017. The Honorary Secretaries of the General Synod are inviting members of the Church of Ireland who have relevant experience and who are willing to be considered for membership to submit expressions of interest, accompanied by an outline of particular skills or experience.

Church of Ireland Cross
Church of Ireland Cross

The range of interest of CASC includes, but is not limited to, matters of social, political, environmental, economic, and medical significance where the Church of Ireland seeks to speak to contemporary issues from a Christian perspective.

Members of CASC should be prepared to work proactively to produce comment, briefings, and statements, working in small teams, or to promote activity related to these headings within the life of the Church. CASC normally meets 4 times a year in either Belfast or Dublin; however, if there is significant legislative activity, a particular group may find that its time commitment may be considerably increased while the issue remains current.

Please send expressions of interest to Mrs Janet Maxwell, Church of Ireland House, Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6, by 20th February 2017, or by email to janet.maxwell@rcbdub.org<mailto:janet.maxwell@rcbdub.org>.

More information about CASC may obtained from Janet (Tel: +353 1 4125 621) or from the outgoing chair, Rev Adrian Dorrian (adriandorrian@gmail.com).

On behalf of the Honorary Secretaries of the General Synod