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Scripture Union’s NUA Films Take an Honest Look at Questions of Faith

Scripture Union Ireland will launch their first ever film series on March 14. ‘NUA’ is a series of films which will help and equip young people to take an honest look at the questions they have about Jesus, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian in the world today.

NUA screen shot
NUA screen shot

The unique and engaging faith based series is a high quality resource which has been written, reviewed and edited by more than 30 trusted critics including a small inter church theological group, chaplains, clergy, youth and pastoral workers, parents and a focus group of young adults.

The content is the result of many years of engaging with young people, listening to their questions and doubts and helping them explore the essence of the Christian faith and spirituality.

It is a fresh perspective, a different conversation – created in Ireland and hosted by Irishman, Jonny Somerville. It was filmed by one of the best creative video agencies in Dublin and directed by a renowned Irish director. The team combined their unique creative abilities to invest in young people’s journey of faith.

The series is aimed at anyone interested in learning more and asking tough questions about the Christian faith but Scripture Union believes it will connect particularly well with young adults.

NUA consists of eight short films which are designed to be viewed over a series of weeks in a school, university, parish or youth context. It has been created to work as a viable supplement for Religious Education Programmes. The materials meet curriculum protocol, adding depth and engagement to RE lessons. NUA is also suitable for groups of friends meeting in a more informal setting.

Scripture Union has produced accompanying materials, such as the NUA Guide for facilitators, the NUA Journal for participants and short training videos to enrich the NUA experience.

You can view the trailer and see the series content outline on the NUA website: www.nuafilmseries.ie.

Watch the Trailer of NUA Film Series