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Migration and the care of immigrants is the lead theme of the spring issue of SEARCH, with a major contribution from Dr David Shepherd of TCD, whose autumn lecture for BACI is a major contribution to biblical thinking in this area. This is backed up by further theological reflection and accounts of work with refugees and asylum–seekers.

Spring Search
Spring Search

As SEARCH editor, Canon Ginnie Kennerley, points out in her editorial, migration has become an explosive issue and a major challenge not only to Christians, but to all the communities of the developed world and their governments. SEARCH returns to this challenge with four articles. Apart from Dr Shepherd’s contribution, the edition includes assistant Church of Ireland Press Officer Peter Cheney’s experience in Malta, Tiffy Allen’s Places of Sanctuary initiative and Canon Kennerley’s own thoughts on the outsider as bearer of God’s blessing.

Dublin & Glendalough’s Come & C project is also highlighted. Discipleship has become something of a buzz word in recent years and one result has been the ‘Come & C’ project in Dublin and Glendalough, exploring the Anglican Communion’s Five Marks of Mission. David Tuohy SJ and Canon Horace McKinley have contributed reflections on the project from the development and reception perspectives respectively.

Other themes are the abortion debate, hospital chaplaincy issues, divinity studies in the 21st century and changing views of the Reformation. Contributors include Bishop Kenneth Kearon, Rev Dr Daniel Nuzum, and Prof David Hempton, dean of Harvard Divinity School. Copies for non–subscribers are available through leading cathedral bookshops or from subscription@searchjournal.ireland.anglican.org