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‘Time to ask the really big questions’ – Presbyterian Moderator in Dublin City University

‘Time to ask the really big questions’ – Presbyterian Moderator in Dublin City University
The Service for Exams was led by the four DCU Chaplains, Fr Paul Hampson, Anne O Farrell, Fr Séamus McEntee and Philip McKinley, the Director of the Church of Ireland Centre, Rev Prof Anne Lodge and the Presbyterian Moderator. Here they are photographed after the Service alongside the President of DCU, Prof Brian MacCraith. Photograph: Birthe Tonseth

Preaching at Dublin City University’s Service for Exams in All Hallows Chapel, Drumcondra, the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Rt Rev Dr Frank Sellar encouraged students to use their University experience as an opportunity to ask the ‘vital questions of life’.

Dr Sellar said, ‘University is great. Enjoy it. It’s a privilege to be part of DCU but know this – Important though they may be, College is for far more than passing exams. It is for more than getting an education or even for preparing for life. Now is the time to be asking really big questions; Who am I? Why am I here? and Where am I going?”

Drawing upon the Gospel Reading from Mark 1, Dr Sellar added, ‘You are an infinitely valuable, unique individual made in the image of a loving, creator and creative God. As God said to the Lord Jesus at the start of his early ministry: ‘You are my Son, whom I love. With you I am well pleased”.

The ecumenical Service for Exams was held in the All Hallows Chapel, which is part of a newly acquired Campus within the fast–growing Dublin City University. The All Hallows Campus on Grace Park Road in Drumcondra, which was previously All Hallows College, now forms part of DCU’s Institute of Education which houses the Church of Ireland Centre (CIC). 

The CIC, which was formerly the Church of Ireland College of Education (CICE), prepares teachers to work in Primary Schools under Protestant patronage in the Republic of Ireland. Referring to his own personal connection to the Centre, Dr Sellar said, ‘During the 20 years I lived and ministered in Dublin I was Chaplain to the Presbyterian students training to be teachers in CICE when it was located in Rathmines. I still use with delight the inscribed fountain pen kindly given to me by some of the students’.

Following the Service there was a BBQ Reception in the garden of All Hallows for DCU staff and students, which was sponsored by Ecclesiastical Insurance Ireland.