United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough


10th October

D&G Diocesan Synods

10 October 2017 in Taney.

The Diocesan Synods of Dublin & Glendalough take place on Tuesday October 10. A celebration of Holy Communion will be held in Christ Church, Taney (Dundrum) at 4pm during which the Archbishop of Dublin will give his Presidential Address.

The business of Synod will begin directly after the service in the adjoining parish centre. Among the items on the agenda for 2017 Synods will be the election of members to a number of bodies including the election of a lay member to the Representative Church Body, elections to Diocesan Councils and to the Diocesan Council for Mission.

Reports will be presented to Synods from Diocesan Councils, the Diocesan Board of Education, the Diocesan Council for Mission, the Diocesan Committee for Social Action and the Diocesan Committee of the Church’s Ministry of Healing.

This year’s Synods will be attended by the Dean of Roskilde, Dean Ann–Sophie Olander and the Dean of Copenhagen, Dean Anders Gadegaard, from the Church of Denmark. Denmark has ancient links with Glendalough  through the Vikings and with the dioceses as a whole through the Provoo Communion. CEO of the Irish Refugee Council, Nick Henderson, will also be present. The dioceses is supporting a housing and integration project for people exiting Direct Provision which is being run by the Irish Refugee Council.