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Bake Bread for Peace Event Helps Build Community

Bake Bread for Peace Event Helps Build Community
Some participants in the Bake Bread for Peace outside St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Christ Church Cathedral was the venue for the first Bake Bread for Peace gathering yesterday (Tuesday October 30). The hands on baking workshop was a collaboration between Christ Church and St Patrick’s Cathedral and allowed participants to bake bread, share stories and build community. The morning concluded with participants processing down the hill to St Patrick’s Cathedral to Break Bread Together.

At the heart of the workshop was the meeting of three cultures. It was presented by Donegal woman Breezy Kelly, founder of the Bake Bread for Peace Initiative; Ellie Kisyombe from Malawi, co–founder of Our Table, and Laila Tellawi Quintela from Syria, founder of Za’atar Bakery.

The Bake Bread for Peace movement aims to bring people together in a celebration of everything communal and good through one of the most common and basic activities that humanity shares all over the world – baking bread. The movement was started in 2014 by Breezy Kelly and has now found enthusiasts across Ireland and further afield.

There is no membership or formal organisation; it is simply an invitation to be part of a movement for peace by engaging in the simple human acts of baking and breaking bread together. This is an opportunity to span generations and cultures, to share stories and deepen relationships around the table.

After a morning sharing recipes and baking, participants were joined by Archbishop Michael Jackson who paid tribute to the sense of community that was being engendered through the simple sharing and breaking of bread.

In the Lady Chapel of St Patrick’s Cathedral, where the bread was broken and shared, Dean’s Vicar, Canon Charles Mullen, observed that the church has a very close relationship with bread.

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