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Mothers’ Union Dublin & Glendalough Seeks Honorary Secretary and Press Officer

Mothers’ Union Dublin & Glendalough Seeks Honorary Secretary and Press Officer
Mothers’ Union in Dublin & Glendalough is seeking to fill two voluntary roles within the diocesan organisation. They currently looking for a Diocesan Honorary Secretary and a Diocesan Press Officer.

Role of Diocesan Hon Secretary:

The Hon Secretary role will be to provide secretarial and administration support to the diocesan president, trustees and office holders in the implementation of the aims and objectives of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese.

Key Responsibilities

To organise four meetings of the diocesan Trustee Board, and two Council meetings per year  in conjunction with the diocesan president, including the preparation and distribution of agenda, reports, etc and the taking of minutes.

To maintain records relating to branches and membership within the diocese. 

To ensure that branches and areas are kept informed about Mothers’ Union matters/events.

To collect, collate and distribute reports and returns from branches and to prepare annual reports for diocesan council and the all Ireland Office.

To deal with routine correspondence and enquiries from members and non–members about Mothers’ Union.

To assist in the organisation of diocesan events.

To assist with the arrangements and administer triennial elections.

To undertake such other secretarial/administration duties as may be required. 

To attend committee meetings and other diocesan area events (if required) and to attend other conferences and meetings (where possible)  as requested by the diocesan president.


Role of Press Officer:

Is to support the Diocesan President, the Trustee Board and  branches in the Dublin and Glendalough dioceses.

This will include attending events where possible and taking photographs to be published in local papers/magazines and diocesan websites with agreement of the Diocesan President.

Prepare, write and distribute press releases, handling media queries and possible liaising with journalists and other media contacts including All Ireland Southern Press Officer.

Furthermore, the role involves tracking media coverage relating to Mothers’ Union, keeping an eye on developments particularly where social policies are concerned.


If you are interested in either of these voluntary roles, please contact the Diocesan President, Karen Nelson, on karen.nelson14@gmail.com