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Philip McKinley’s ‘The Prophets Are Weeping’ Available to Watch on RTE Player

Philip McKinley’s ‘The Prophets Are Weeping’ Available to Watch on RTE Player

Did you miss Philip McKinley’s brilliant programme ‘The Prophets Are Weeping’ which went out on RTE One last night (Tuesday September 10)? If you did, don’t panic. You can watch it on the RTE Player.

Written and directed by Philip, who has just entered the Church of Ireland Theological Institute to study for ordination, ‘The Prophets Are Weeping’ is part of RTE’s Future Visions series. In it Philip examines what it would look like if the wisdom of Jeremiah as given to the exiled Israelites – build houses, plant gardens and pray for the city – was applied to Dublin’s O’Connell Street, the heart of the country.

He takes his title and starting point from the only poem published by Michael D. Higgins during his Presidency, “The Prophets Are Weeping”. According to Philip, these three practical tools, if initiated on Dublin’s O’Connell Street, the site of the 1916 Easter Rising, could profoundly shape the future well–being of Ireland. 

Focusing mainly upon O’Connell Street, his film examines urban renewal in terms of community development, spiritual renewal and reimagining the city environmentally. But the film opens with a journey to Jerusalem where Philip examines the ancient Roman notion of the “cardo” – the heart of the city both as a centre of power and of life in all its fullness.

The documentary, which was filmed in both Jerusalem and Dublin, strongly features St Thomas’ Church, just off Dublin’s O’Connell Street. The Church and its incumbent Discovery Gospel Choir, feature as a significant backdrop and inspiration for a new re–envisioning of Ireland’s capital thoroughfare.

While the programme focuses on Dublin, Jeremiah’s tools could be applied to any town.

You can watch it on the RTE Player until October 10 here