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Dublin & Glendalough Youth Council – Can you help our Pilot fly?

  Dublin & Glendalough Youth Council – Can you help our Pilot fly?

Dublin & Glendalough Youth Council is delighted to announce exciting developments in youth ministry in two areas in the United Dioceses – North Dublin and Wicklow. With the support of devolved funding from the Dioceses supplemented by financial contributions from the parish groupings involved, two part–time youth co–ordinators will be working with Susie Keegan, our Diocesan Youth Ministry Development Officer.

They will supplement the work already being done by Susie, in a more localized context, by providing consistent support to parishes in both areas in their efforts to provide wide–ranging youth ministry.  These are pilot projects, initially for one year but it is hoped that they will continue for a second year in order to foster and firmly establish a stronger youth ministry culture in the pilot areas, through support and training for leaders, and collaborative events designed to care for our young people and grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

The new part time youth work coordinator in Wicklow is Stephen Byford, and he will be working with clergy, leaders and young people in many of the parish groupings in the Wicklow area. Stephen started his youth work journey interning with 3Rock in 2009. He then was the youth worker in St Mary’s parish in Howth before he moved to become the youth worker in the Nazarene Church in Greystones.  While in Greystones Stephen grew a team of leaders and young people from the community and when he decided to finish up in Greystones to pursue a lifelong dream of becoming a pilot he successfully handed leadership to Mark Murray, who is still running the youth work in the church.  Stephen did go to New Zealand and train to become a pilot. Upon returning home, he still wanted to work with young people, all the while still training to fly!  Stephen has a huge amount of on the ground experience and his ability to connect with people wherever they are is a massive strength and will be brilliant for this role.

We are currently seeking a dynamic man or woman with a heart for young people and for the Gospel, who would be interested in taking on the role in the North Dublin area, and who could spare 15 hours a week, including some weekends. Full details of the role and remuneration are available from the Revd Lesley Robinson, Chairperson of the Dublin & Glendalough Youth Council, email revlesleyrobinson@gmail.com