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21st January

BACI Lent Study 2020 Launch – Caring for the Garden of the Earth

The Biblical Association of the Church of Ireland has turned its focus on the climate crisis for their 2020 Lent study which will be launched on Tuesday January 21. Given the crisis of climate change facing the world, BACI has invited the noted scripture scholar Margaret Daly–Denton to present a series of Bible Studies on the theme of ‘Caring for Creation’.

BACI Lent Study 2020
BACI Lent Study 2020

Margaret introduces the reader to creation–centred scriptures which would have been familiar to Jesus and which she sees as underlying the Gospel of John. In this gospel, she points out: ‘We find the story of Jesus doing the work of God in the world and inviting his disciples to share in that work’. Her book John: An Earth Bible Commentary (Bloomsbury T&T Clark 2017) will be helpful to those who wish to go into further detail.

The Bible Studies will be launched at Church of Ireland House, Dublin, at lunchtime on Tuesday January 21, when multiple copies will be available at a special price. Further copies can be purchased at €3.00 or £2.50 from BACI treasurer Barbara Bergin, but these will incur a postage charge. It is expected that the Bible Studies will also be available for download from the BACI website (bibliahibernica.wordpress.com) in due course, when a new webmaster takes over the site.

BACI exists to serve as a ‘bridge’ between clerical and lay, academic and faith–based approaches to the Bible within the Church of Ireland and in conversation with ecumenical partners. The Honorary Patrons of BACI are the Archbishop of Armagh, the Most Reverend Richard Clarke, and the Archbishop of Dublin, the Most Reverend Michael Jackson.