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Watch: A Prayer at Glendalough – Psalm 122

The entrance to the Monastic City of Glendalough is the focus for the first in a series of video reflections on the theme of pilgrimage. These short interludes offer a gentle interruption to your day – a chance to pause and breathe, and an opportunity to reflect and follow your own brief Camino.

The Monastic City would traditionally have marked the end of the pilgrimage and there would have been great joy on arrival.

In recent years, people from all over Dublin & Glendalough have gathered in the autumn for the Glendalough Camino, following St Kevin’s Way from the ancient pilgrim church of St Kevin in Hollywood over the Wicklow Gap to Glendalough. This has been a way of gathering for a spiritual journey and rejoicing in the beauty that lies in the heart of our dioceses.

Filming and production is by the Revd Brian O’Reilly, Rector of Rathdrum and Derralossary with Glenealy.