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D&G Church Choirs Invited to Join Virtual Carols Recording

D&G Church Choirs Invited to Join Virtual Carols Recording

A huge Christmas collaboration seeks to bring church choirs from all over Dublin & Glendalough together virtually to record music for services of Nine Lessons and Carols this year. The initiative is being spearheaded by Tom Maxwell, the organist at St Brigid’s Church in Stillorgan, supported by the Revd Jack Kinkead, chairperson of Church Music Dublin.

Tom is asking church choirs throughout the dioceses to get involved in the virtual recording of four congregational pieces and one choral piece. The process is time consuming so work will begin on the collaboration shortly. If your church choir would like to get involved please contact Tom at dgchristmascollaboration@gmail.com by Sunday October 11.

Music is an integral part of worship and Tom says people have missed singing together. Since lockdown in March, the choir of St Brigid’s has continued singing together as a virtual choir. Every week, the choir members record themselves on their phones singing a hymn using an organ accompaniment that Tom sends them. He then gathers the recordings and combines them so that they can be used in Sunday services. An anthem has also been tried, with impressive results. Some other parish choirs are also following this trend, but it is a time–consuming, technical exercise.

“With Christmas coming soon, we are planning on doing carols and possibly a choir piece or two as if we were in normal times. However, I am aware that other churches might not be able to provide music for Nine Lessons and Carols this year,” Tom comments. “So, I would like to propose a huge collaboration to bring together as many churches in Dublin & Glendalough for a massive virtual recording of carols. I will be doing this alongside the Revd Jack Kinkead. My plan is to start with four congregational carols and one choir piece, with the option to do more if time allows.”


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