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Board of Education pays tribute to schools at Synod


The Dublin & Glendalough Diocesan Bord of Education has paid tribute to all involved in education, particularly during the Covid–19 crisis. Speaking at the first ever virtual Diocesan Synod, the board’s Honorary Secretary the Revd Dr Norman Gamble, highlighted the efforts being made by teachers, parents and children.

“The Board knows how difficult and disjointed life is at present for all of you. It is hard to keep going at the best of times, in a country where government policies are education on a shoestring,” he commented in his pre–recorded message to propose the report of the board. He added that the costs of building and repairing schools are always greater than government provision.

Dr Gamble outlined the board’s vision for schools in the dioceses which would provide “a generous and loving Christian environment in which children are nurtured with faith, tolerance and respect. This is what we can offer to the wider community, and which we should not keep to ourselves. Where our schools have space form others, we should offer it. The school that only looks after the Church of Ireland, or the wider reformed church community, will wither”.

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