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Council for Mission reports on disrupted year

The Diocesan Council for Mission has been learning new methods of mission amid the chaos of Covid–19. Proposing the council’s report at Diocesan Synod, its chairman the Revd Ken Rue said mission had been disrupted during 2020.

Plans with our link dioceses in Jerusalem for a joint clergy retreat, study for lay readers and a pilgrimage had to be postponed, he reported. He hoped that they could keep in touch with the diocese online as they plan for the renewal of the five year agreement with the Diocese of Jerusalem from Epiphany 2021.

Ecumenical Bible Week also had to move online with a reduced programme which attracted a large virtual attendance.

The council is also seeking to raise awareness of overseas mission and Mr Rue said that online contacts were a blessing in this regard.

Speaking to the report, council member Geoffrey McMaster, said that mission needs to reflect the feeling in the dioceses and urged people to put themselves forward for membership of the council. He said those interested should get in touch and they could be coopted.

You can watch the Revd Ken Rue’s contribution here:

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