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Church of South India Celebrates 10 Years of Dublin Congregation

Church of South India Celebrates 10 Years of Dublin Congregation
Some members of the Church of South India Holy Trinity Congregation during the service marking their 10th anniversary.

The Holy Trinity Congregation of the Church of South India in Dublin celebrated their tenth anniversary on Saturday February 6. The congregation, which gathers for worship in the Church of St Catherine and St James on Donore Avenue in Dublin, marked their milestone anniversary with a special Service of Thanksgiving online. During the service they received greetings from Bishop Sabu Koshy Cherian, CSI Bishop in Kottayam in the Diocese of Madhya Kerala and from Archbishop Michael Jackson in Dublin and Bishop Thomas Samuel, Bishop Emeritus, Diocese of Madhya Kerala

Bishop Sabu Koshy Cherian reminded the members of the congregation of their calling to be co–workers in God’s field and God’s temple. He stressed the importance of remaining united in their being and doing and motivated the congregation towards being responsible, careful and fruitful in their call so that all may spiritually grow together as the Temple of God. Special prayers were offered for the Congregation as she enters into another decade of witnessing God’s call to be a set–apart community.

Archbishop Michael Jackson expressed his delight and honour at being invited to send his greetings to the CSI Congregation in Dublin. He said, “It is not only a good story but also good news in itself. It is Christianity international and Christianity on the move.” The Archbishop considered it entirely fitting that the Church of Ireland had assisted and continued to help the CSI Congregation, with which it is in communion. In the exhortation that followed, the Archbishop mentioned three things that we could learn from one another: the urgency of faith, discipleship of life, cohesion of worship. He concluded, quoting 1 Samuel 25: 6, “Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have.” He assured members of his prayers for the peace of the congregation, peace of India, Ireland, and the whole world. 

There were further greetings from Bishops in the CSI Diocese of Madhya Kerala and clergy who have served or visited Dublin congregation.

Representatives of the CSI Dublin congregation along with representatives of congregations in Belfast, London and Manchester congratulated Bishop Sabu K Cherian and Dr Jessy Sara Kohy, and the CSI Dublin congregation on completing 10 years in her faith journey. The Revd Dr Jacob Thomas (who is also Bishop’s teacher) prayed for the Bishop’s and Kochamma’s effective ministry, and for the Dublin congregation.

Bishop Sabu Koshy Cherian
Bishop Sabu Koshy Cherian

The congregation presented the Bishop with a memento. Treasurer Mr Sibu Koshy Cherian (who is also the elder son of the Bishop) presented the memento which marks both his consecration as 13th Bishop of the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese as well as the 10th anniversary of the Dublin congregation.

The CSI Holy Trinity Congregation is grateful to all who were instrumental in forming the congregation. These include the Church of Ireland Archbishops of Dublin, Archbishop (Emeritus) Dr John Neill and Archbishop Michael Jackson, Bishops of the CSI Madhya Kerala Bishop (Emeritus) Thomas Samuel, Bishop (Emeritus) Thomas K. Oommen and Bishop Sabu Koshy Cherian, Canon Mark Gardner, Rector of St Catherine and St James’ Church, Canon Horace McKinley (former chairperson for the committee for the International Community), the Revd Obinna Ulogwara (former Chaplain to the International Community) and Philip McKinley (former Ecumenical officer of Irish Inter–Church committee). They are also grateful to Revd Dr Jacob Thomas (their first Vicar) and Mrs Emily Jacob, Revd Shemil Mathew, Revd Dr Alex Yesudas, Revd Dr Jameson K and Revd Dr Paul Singh who helped conduct the worship services until 2018, Very Revd T O Oommen, Revd Dr Sabu K. Cherian (now Bishop), Revd Sunil Raj Philip and Revd Joby Joy who on their visit to Dublin, led Worship Services and Cottage Prayers, all those who have been used by God towards the formation nurturing of the congregation.

Tributes were paid to all the members of the Church Committee, especially the Church Warden Mr Koshy Varghese, Secretary Mr John Uthup and Treasurer Mr Sibu Cherian Koshy for coordinating the worship and the meeting. Mr John Uthup and Mr Sishir George Kurien (Tholassery) edited and mixed the videos.Thanks to the Revd Dr Jacob Thomas, Revd Dionysius, and Revd Shemil Mathew for joining the worship service.

Revd Viji Varghese Eapen


CSI Holy Trinity Congregation, Dublin


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