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Good Friday – Online Reflections on the Passion Narrative

Good Friday – Online Reflections on the Passion Narrative

On Good Friday, April 2, we invite you to join us online for a time of reflection on the Passion Narrative as told in St Matthew’s Gospel.

‘Living with Jesus in Jerusalem’ will feature seven reflections which will begin at 12 noon. A new reflection will be available every half hour, concluding at 3pm. These reflections will, of course, be available to watch afterwards at a time that suits you.

The reflections, which will last no more than 10 minutes, will be given by Archbishop Michael Jackson; Sylvia Armstrong a Diocesan Reader in Rathcoole; the Revd Neal Phair, Rector of Swords; Susie Keegan, Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator, Jane Burns, an ordinand in the Church of Ireland Theological Institute from Athy; and the Revd Dr William Olhausen, Rector of Killiney, St Matthias.

The Passion Narrative will be read by the Revd Cathy Hallissey, Rector of Powerscourt with Kilbride and the Revd Sean Hanily, Rector of Rathmichael.

The reflections will be available to watch on our website www.dublin.anglican.org, the United Dioceses of Dublin and Glendalough YouTube channel (subscribe now so as not to miss a post) and will also be available on the Facebook page and Twitter. Get updates by joining our Facebook event here.


12 Noon

Archbishop Michael Jackson

Matthew 26: 1–13 – The Plot to Kill Jesus and The Anointing at Bethany – Read by the Revd Cathy Hallissey


Sylvia Armstrong

Matthew 26: 31– 46 – Peter’s Denial Foretold and Jesus Prays in Gethsemane – Read by the Revd Sean Hanily


The Revd Neal Phair

Matthew 26: 47–68 – The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus and Jesus before the High Priest – Read by the Revd Cathy Hallissey


Ms Susie Keegan

Matthew 26: 69–75 and Matthew 27: 1–2 – Peter’s Denial of Jesus and Jesus Brought before Pilate – Read by the Revd Sean Hanily


Ms Jane Burns

Matthew 27: 3–14 – The Suicide of Judas and Pilate Questions Jesus – Read by the Revd Sean Hanily


The Revd Dr William Olhausen

Matthew 27: 15–31 – Barabbas or Jesus?, Pilate Hands Jesus Over to be Crucified and the Soldiers Mock Jesus – Read by the Revd Cathy Hallissey


Archbishop Michael Jackson

Matthew 27: 32–54 – The Crucifixion of Jesus and the Death of Jesus – Read by the Revd Cathy Hallissey


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