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Rebuilding Hope and Confidence – D&G Mothers’ Union Festival Service

Rebuilding Hope and Confidence – D&G Mothers’ Union Festival Service
All Ireland MU Chaplain, Canon Robert Deane, Juliana Morais who was commissioned Dublin & Glendalough MU Hon Secretary, Archbishop Michael Jackson, D&G MU President Karen Nelson, Helen Moses who was commissioned D&G MU Press Officer, and Canon Leonard Ruddock who was commissioned D&G MU Chaplain.

Mothers’ Union can be at the forefront in charting the way out of Covid times, the organisation’s annual Festival Service has heard. ‘Rebuilding Hope and Confidence’ was the theme of the Dublin and Glendalough MU Festival Service which took place in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin, yesterday evening (Tuesday September 21).

The service, which was led by Dean Dermot Dunne, was attended by representatives of Mothers’ Union from across the United Dioceses. During the service Archbishop Michael Jackson commissioned Canon Leonard Ruddock as Diocesan Chaplain to MU, Juliana Morais as Hon Secretary and Helen Moses as Press Officer.

The preacher was Canon Ruddock who drew on the reading from the Second Letter of St Paul to the Corinthians (4: 1–6): “Since it is by God’s mercy that we engaged in this ministry, we do not lose heart”.

He said it was a sad reality for most people that it was very easy to lose heart. He praised the MU theme and said it was very important to keep hope and confidence alive.

“Many people can struggle with hope and confidence. Many people struggle to get out of bed every day… their hope and confidence is at an all time low. Holding onto hope and confidence may be a serious challenge,” he stated adding that there were times in his own life that he found it hard to hold onto hope but what helped him was the unfailing care, love and support of other people.

Mothers’ Union, through their varied projects, could reach out to those who were struggling and could offer care, love and support. That could be through knitting for premature babies, knitting warm hats for people in homelessness, supporting women’s refuges, their ‘Away from it All’ programme or their support for children in coping with emotional issues.

“All of these are practical projects,” Canon Ruddock stated. “As we emerge somewhat battered from Covid, rebuilding hope and confidence is essential. We have learned things during Covid. We have learned of the need for contact. Mothers’ Union can be to the forefront as we chart our way out of Covid times. But we cannot delay … We do not know what is around the next corner which is why we need to act now to rebuild hope and confidence and rebuild our lives, parishes and Mothers’ Union branches.”


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