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New Diocesan Cycle of Prayer begins this Sunday

New Diocesan Cycle of Prayer begins this Sunday

This Sunday, November 28, is the First Sunday of Advent which marks the beginning of the new Church year. Accordingly, the new Diocesan Cycle of Prayer is now available on our website here.

The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer is produced each year by Canon Mark Gardner. Each week you are invited to pray for a different parish and its clergy. Diocesan and central Church organisations are also included as are parishes in our companion Diocese of Jerusalem.
Commending the Cycle of Prayer, Archbishop Michael Jackson noted that it is a rich invitation to belong to God, to one another, to those whom we know and those we don’t know.
As we continue through the phases of the pandemic he said: “We have in some ways more opportunities for prayer than ever before as a new horizon beckons. The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer enables us to use these opportunities daily at home and weekly in church. We have the confidence that other people and parishes are praying for us and for our parish as we are praying for them. And, as we do this, we remember with gratitude the communities within which our parishes are set and the communities to whom they belong. Old needs and fresh needs come to the surface and God is always present to answer our prayer and the prayer of other people”.

He added: “The Diocesan Cycle of Prayer has also kept us in close touch with members of our companion diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Every part of the world is in the grip of the coronavirus. Each part of the world is touched and singed by it. To know that we have the prayers and the blessing of those who are close every day to the locations that we associate from childhood with the Bible and with Biblical life now as then is a great comfort to us. We pray for the new archbishop of The Diocese of Jerusalem and The Middle East, Archbishop Hosam Naoum, his clergy and his people in their daily life and witness and in their many hardships and trials”.


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