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Archbishops of Dublin lead Walk of Witness through busy city streets

Sympathy expressed with victims of hate crime.
Archbishops of Dublin lead Walk of Witness through busy city streets - Sympathy expressed with victims of hate crime.
Archbishop Dermot Farrell and Archbishop Michael Jackson on Dame Street.

The Church of Ireland and Catholic Archbishops of Dublin led the Good Friday Walk of Witness in Dublin this evening (April 14). For the first time since 2019 people were able to join Archbishop Michael Jackson and Archbishop Dermot Farrell, as they carried the cross from Christ Church Cathedral to St Mary’s Pro–Cathedral through crowded city streets.

The Walk of Witness began in Christ Church Cathedral with a short time of prayer and reflection with the two Archbishops.

During this short service, Archbishop Jackson, gave a brief reflection. He asked participants to carry in their hearts the pain and suffering of those in our city and country today, in particular those who have suffered the effects of hate crimes and those who are fleeing war.

“As we walk through the streets of Dublin city this Good Friday we think of victims of hate crimes and those who have fled wars and found refuge in Ireland,” the Archbishop said.

“I wish to express my sympathy to the families and friends of Aidan Moffitt and Michael Snee in Sligo. The inhumanity and cruelty of these attacks are rightly to be condemned. I condemn them and have every confidence I speak for the vast majority of people who have seen and heard what has happened in recent days. We carry also the fears of all who are victims of hate crimes and homophobic attacks.

“As we journey with the Cross this evening we carry the anxieties and fears of all in Europe and around the world who are displaced as a result of war. This Good Friday sets us alongside the suffering and degradation of the people in Ukraine and all who flee war,” he concluded.

Passing the GPO
Passing the GPO
Crossing O'Connell Bridge
Crossing O'Connell Bridge

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