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New website for Children and Families Ministry

New website for Children and Families Ministry

This month sees the exciting launch of the brand–new website for Children and Families ministry.  

This website is a hub for resources, ideas, connection, training and support. A place where you can find game ideas, all age services, book a training session for your church or watch training online, see job opportunities and so much more!  

Over time the website will grow and develop, so we hope that it will be a site you bookmark and visit often.  

The site is easy to navigate, it is bright and colourful and packed with resources for all aspects of ministry with children and families.  

The website address is: www.cfm.ireland.anglican.org Check it out and pass it on! If you have any ideas about things you’d like to see on the website, please contact Rachael by emailing cfm@ireland.anglican.org  


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