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‘Spiritual nudging’ sees new Curates come to serve in Rathmines

‘Spiritual nudging’ sees new Curates come to serve in Rathmines
The Revd Rebecca and the Revd Colin Hamilton and the Revd Rob Jones in front of what is reputed to be the oldest oak tree in Leinster which is located in Rathmines.

A series of exciting connections has resulted in a young family relocating from London Diocese to take up roles in the Church of Ireland. The Revd Colin and the Revd Rebecca Hamilton are the new curate assistants in Holy Trinity Rathmines. Together with their daughter Scout they moved to Dublin at the beginning of the year.

The Rector of the United Parish of Rathmines with Harold’s Cross, the Revd Rob Jones, has been seconded for some of his time to lead the Church of Ireland’s new Pioneer Ministry movement ( www.pioneerministry.org) , which was formally launched in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin  on February 5th . Rob will of course be staying on as Rector of the parish and Colin will be a priest in the parish, to cover the time Rob will be working on Pioneer Ministry. Rebecca will also have a role in the parish while also supporting Pioneer Ministry nationally as well.

Colin and Rebecca were both ordained in the Church of England having attended St Mellitus’ College in the Diocese of London. Their ministry in Rathmines is their second Curacy, their first being in King’s Cross Church in London. They have belonged to that church for eight years, with Colin on staff for seven years and Rebecca for nearly four years. Incidentally, Rebecca’s father is the Revd Geoff Read, Chaplain of the Anglican Church in Luxemburg in the Diocese of Europe.

Colin, who is originally from Monaghan, explains that for the last couple of years they have felt the Lord calling them on and they have been on a journey of discernment. They had been exploring a number of options but none felt right.

When they were visiting Colin’s sister in Dublin last year, they felt the Holy Spirit nudging them but they were not sure how. They said: “Lord if there is something here for us, you will have to make it obvious”. A week later they got an email from Rob.

Colin’s and Rob’s sisters are both Church of Ireland primary school teachers and through them Rob was given Colin and Rebecca’s email. Rob emailed them and the connection was made.

“It was a link that none of us expected or planned. We visited the church and met Rob and the team and it felt like the Lord was calling us and opening a door for us to join them,” Colin says. “It feels like the start of a new season and we’re jumping into it.”

Rob points out that there is a historic link between Dublin and Glendalough and the Diocese of London. The retired Bishop of London, the Rt Revd Richard Chartres, came to Dublin some years ago, as part of the Come and See initiative, to talk about fresh expressions of church. “We couldn’t ask for two better people in the parish,” he comments. “They are gifted, anointed and very experienced and the parish is blessed to have them.” He adds that it is wonderful to have people coming from another part of the Anglican Communion bringing new life, knowledge and ideas to Holy Trinity and the wider dioceses.

Rebecca says they are really looking forward to their ministry together with Rathmines. “It’s a really exciting time to be joining Holy Trinity. The image associated with vision for Holy Trinity is the oak tree. The oak tree’s roots have grown deep and the church is now growing in a new and exciting way and building on the amazing leadership of all that has gone before. The Spirit is working here and he’s inviting us to be part of it for the next season. It’s a real privilege,” she comments.

Colin and Rebecca were introduced in the parish at a joint service of Holy Communion in September 2022 and were formally licensed by the Archbishop on January 17.

This article first appeared in the March edition of the Church Review. For information on how to subscribe click here.

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