United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough


2nd March

CMH D&G Springtime Quiet Day

‘Finding God in the in–between places’
CMH D&G Springtime Quiet Day - ‘Finding God in the in–between places’

The Church’s Ministry of Healing D&G has announced that Lydia Monds, CMH:I  Ministry Leader, is leading the Dublin & Glendalough Ministry of Healing Springtime Quiet Day this year. 

The Quiet Day will be a gentle, reflective and experiential time to intentionally rest in the presence of God, and is called, “Finding God in the in–between places.”

It takes place on Saturday March 2nd, 10.30am – 3pm, in Newcastle parish centre, Church Lane, Newcastle, Co. Wicklow, A63 X782. 

Lydia writes: “We all experience times of living between an ending and a ‘not yet,’ like tentative new spring shoots emerging from the stagnancy and decay of winter. How can we hold such endings and new beginnings together? Most importantly, how can we invite God to hold these de–stabilising times of endings and beginnings, and in–between spaces, with His compassion and healing?”

The Quiet Day ends with a Service of Holy Communion during which prayer ministry will be offered. 

Tea/coffee/soup will be provided – please bring a packed lunch.


Register your interest by emailing Jeanne:

There is no charge but donations are welcome.


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