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Church Review

Guidelines for contributors

Guidelines for Parish Note Writers

Each parish is allocated 1000 words per month. Notes more than 1000 words may be accepted only by prior agreement with the Editor. There will be a charge of €10 per 100 words over the allocation.

Views expressed in the Church Review are those of the contributor and are not necessarily those of the Editor or Church Review Committee.

Each parish must channel their news through their designated correspondent. Parishioners wishing to have parish news included should channel them through that correspondent as the parish notes are the responsibility of the person writing the notes for that parish and he or she must be able to stand over whatever is written.


All editorial material MUST be with the Editor by 12 noon on the 15th of the month. Should the 15th fall on a Saturday or Sunday, it would be appreciated if the subject matter could be in by close of business on the Friday.


Parish Notes are only accepted by e–mail to editor@churchreview.ie, either in the body of the email or by an attachment in Word.

Notes should be single spaced, preferably in Times New Roman Font, 12 point.

In exceptional circumstances, we will accept notes in hard copy format if they are received in the post by the deadline.

Photos are invited. There should be no more than four per parish so please choose your best shots. They must have captions, clearly marked with reference to the file number of the photograph. Photos should be high resolution, ideally about one megabyte in size. If they are to be considered for the front page they should be portrait in format and the resolution should be higher, ideally one to two megabytes.

Events in your parish

If something newsworthy is happening in your parish, the Diocesan Communications Officer, who is also the chief news reporter and photographer for Church Review, would appreciate being informed in good time. She may be able to attend and to cover the event.

Contact: dco@dublin.anglican.org

Alternatively you may like to write a short news article with accompanying pictures. We are glad to receive such articles and try to include them. This is not always possible due to limits on space in an issue. Short articles have a better chance of inclusion.

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