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Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in Dublin & Glendalough Parishes in 2020

But the Lord looks on the heart: Report of a 2020 study of cultural and ethnic diversity in the parishes of the United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough. By the Revd Prof Anne Lodge.

In Summer 2020, against the backdrop of heightened awareness of racism across the globe, a survey of incumbents in the United Dioceses of Dublin & Glendalough was carried out. The resulting report by the Revd Prof Anne Lodge examines cultural and ethnic diversity in parishes across the dioceses and explores ways of ensuring that all aspects of life in our parishes reflect the diversity of their congregations, drawing fully on the shared gifts that the blessing of parish diversity brings.

The findings of the survey indicate that the profiles of many parishes have changed with diverse congregations and a number of parishes share spaces with Christian churches that are in communion with the Church of Ireland.

The report highlights experiences of parishes and contains a number of recommendations for parishes and for the dioceses.

You can download ‘But the Lord looks on the heart’ here.

You can watch Prof Lodge’s presentation about the report at Diocesan Synods in October 2020 here:

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